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Women In History Essay Winner: 2nd Place, 7th Grade

Rebecca Springirth of Slippery Rock Area Middle School wrote her essay about noted astronaut and neurologist Dr. Roberta Bondar.

Dr. Roberta Bondar is a woman to look up to. As an astronaut and neurologist, she is no stranger to the sciences of space and the human body. She studied space medicine and the

effects of low gravity on our bodies. Dr. Bondar has made many discoveries and advancements for both Earth and outer space. In addition to these ventures, she is also a nature photographer and has started the Roberta Bondar foundation to educate people about the environment and how we should protect it. For all of these reasons and more, she inspires me.

Roberta Bondar is definitely a great role model because of her bravery and

determination. I couldn't even begin to imagine what she must have gone through wondering if she would survive her space flight. Even with the risks, Dr. Bondar made the incredible journey to outer space and made great scientific progress because of it! I know that the training to become an astronaut (and to become a doctor!) is very difficult. But, she overcame those difficulties. If she can go through all that, I know I can overcome my much smaller problems. Dr. Bondar has also taught me about perseverance. She worked hard and achieved her dream. I hope I can, too.

I want to work in STEM when I'm older just like she did. I like to create things and

problem-solve. I hope that, no matter what profession I end up going into, I will be able to make a difference like Dr. Bondar has. Though it would be amazing, I probably won't go to outer space or make any large contribution to science. But, with her as inspiration, I think I can still make a difference. I look up to Roberta Bondar because, though she no doubt made a lot of money as a neurologist and astronaut, she didn't stop there. She is still working to make a difference in the world today!

To summarize, Roberta Bondar is a woman who has positively impacted the world. She has accomplished a lot in scientific and medical fields and helped the environment. She's

shown that hard work, perseverance, and bravery will lead to great things.

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