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Getting Ahead

In a Just-Gettin'-By World

Building Resources For A Better Life

Are you stuck in a life rut? Have you been trying different things but can’t move forward? 

If you’ve spent part of your life – or most of your life  - struggling to get by in the world, the idea of actually getting ahead might seem out of reach. But even if your story has been filled with barriers and setbacks, the next chapter can change that.


Getting Ahead is a workshop just for you. Explore who you are, talk about how you got to the place where you are now, and learn strategies to help you move forward. Plus, you'll earn as you learn.

Getting Ahead is a group of like-minded women and a facilitator who meet weekly for 2.5 hours. You’ll share some good food and investigate:

  • The realities of conditions in your community and how they impact YOU

  • Some of the “hidden rules” for getting ahead

  • Skills that give you confidence to do what it takes to get ahead

  • How to build resources and make connections

  • Ways to deal with change and create stability in your life

Am I Eligible?

To qualify for YWCA Butler's Getting Ahead, you must:

Be a woman living in Butler County

Be 18-years of age or older

Be willing to commit to all sessions

Have a family/household income within our guidelines

Click here for guidelines

How  Do I Apply? 

Fall Session still has openings!

Click here for the application

During each class, participants, called Investigators:
  • Look at their current situation and the community issues affecting banking, housing, jobs and transportation.

  • Discover their strengths and build on their available resources.

  • Share their experience, explore the obstacles they face, and learn from others.

  • Begin to define their future story.

  • Establish their own goals and develop a step-by-step plan to achieve them.

  • Build healthy relationships with others.

Getting Ahead Investigators
  • Want to improve their current life circumstances.

  • Are willing to work with trained facilitators and organizations.

  • Commit to attend all workshops and make up work if a session is missed.

  • Are on time & participate in group discussions.

The Getting Ahead Workshop Experience
  • A group of six to twelve investigators meet weekly with their facilitator. Each workshop lasts for 2.5 hours, including a community meal and an investigation session.

  • The community meal, Getting Ahead book and all necessary course materials are provided.

  • A $25 gift card per session is awarded to investigators for their work.

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